On Demand Webinar

The Seven Deadly Sins of
Employee Communications

Duration: 1 Hour

Format: Webinar Recording

Everybody makes mistakes. And employee communicators are no different. But, in our 25 years of training and consulting in employee communications, we see people making the SAME mistakes. Over and over again. 

Steve and Cindy Crescenzo showcase industry best practices to help you avoid the most common mistakes. You'll see case studies and examples from your colleagues around the world.

In this one-hour webinar recording, we'll cover how to avoid these mistakes:

  • The Communication Illusion  
  • The War and Peace comm plan 
  • Snooze-fest corporate videos
  • Cookie-cutter measurement 
  • Overloading managers  

And much more! This webinar is perfect for corporate communicators looking to hear the latests trends and best practices.

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