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Communications and Writing Training for Everyone


Jump start your career with the latest trends and writing best practices.  


Refresh your storytelling skills and stay ahead of industry trends!


Understand how to apply modern communication strategies to connect to employees.


Understand the latest strategies to make your content stand out and get noticed!


Communications that are quick, clear, and easy. Our workshops will help make your job easier!


Effective writing and communication strategies to help your audiences understand their work and your business. 

"You're not only visionaries with amazing creative talent, but the best teachers ever! I have learnt (still applying) so much in the sessions we had earlier this year. Thank you for sharing your passion with us, for your patience, and most of all your fun and warm spirit." Angela P.,  Director of Global Audiology

"Steve and Cindy, I absolutely love your style, chemistry and knowledge. I honestly have to say this was the most engaging and fun workshop I've ever done throughout my communications career."  Susan S.,  Director of Communications

"In my 20 years in this organiation, this was the single most valuable workshop I've attended. Practical, engaging and dare I say, entertaining!" David A, Team Manager R&D

"You  have completely changed the way we approach our communications strategy for the better (and that's no easy feat ). Thanks for your light-heartedness, warmth, and creative spirit. Working with you and learning from you has been such a pleasure!"  Chase S., Sales Manager

"I love the way you approach things with a sense of humour and use practical examples too. Keeps it engaging and makes it much easier to think about how we can apply the principles to our own comms.   Julie H., Communication Manager 

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Mix and match any of these topics:

Writing Fundamentals

Corporate Communication
Best Practices

Storytelling Across All Media 

Written, Visual, Video, Audio, Photos

Communication Measurement
and Research

Executive Communication
Best Practices

Communications to Help You Lead

A Manager's Workshop

Build a workshop that is relevent, engaging and provides invaluable career development.  

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