On Demand Webinar

Back to Basics: Business Writing Fundamentals

Duration: 1 Hour

Format: Webinar Recording

Emails, memos, employee communications, status reports ... no matter your position in your organization, everyone communicates and everyone needs to write. But, toiling in the corporate environment can saddle you with some bad writing habits.

Non-stop deadlines, the approval process, internal clients with the wrong agenda, boring topics, complicated topics, shifting topics . . . it can lead to some pretty sloppy writing. We get away from the basics. . . and it is time to get back to them!

In this one-hour webinar recording, we'll cover:

  • Eliminating jargon. Everyone says it . . . but how do we actually do it? 
  • The power of verbs! Eight million verbs out there to use, and we settle on “leverage,” “implement,” and “optimize.” We can do better, and bring our writing to life!
  • Eliminating the passive voice. Yes, we all know this. So why do we see so much passive construction in organizational writing? We think we know . . . and we know we can fix it. 
  • The importance of specificity and clarity. Too much corporate writing is vague, ambiguous. We need to nail things down and make things clear. 
  • How to edit yourself. There are a lot of one-person shops in corporate communications. If you don’t edit yourself, nobody else will. But it’s easier said than done. We’ll give you some great tips. 
  • Writing for the screen. People might be reading your content on a computer, a tablet, or a phone. You need to be sure that no matter where they are reading it, it is easy to get through!

And much more! This webinar is perfect for managers, subject matter experts, content contributors, HR, or corporate communicators needing a refresh.


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